How 3D Technologies Can Complement E-Commerce Social Media Strategy

Posted by Superdna on Nov 27, 2018 3:35:50 PM
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Social media plays a significant role in the modern world of online marketing, especially for the e-Commerce industry. It’s interesting that 30% of online shoppers say they 

would be likely to make a purchase from a social media network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter etc. To get the most out of it, businesses must have a custom-made strategy that facilitates a seamless customer buying journey. Now, when it comes to engaging your customers on social media, visuals play a paramount role. And, to build impactful visuals for e-Commerce stores and repurpose them across multiple platforms, you need to employ 3D technologies. One of the widely used technologies for e-Commerce is Computer-generated imagery (CGI). Here is how it actually complements your social media strategy:




More Website traffic

As images created using CGI look more realistic as compared to the real ones, users are more likely to get attracted to the images. As more people are spending time on social media, ecommerce companies must leverage the platform and invest in 3D technologies that gives justice to what as a seller you’re aiming to achieve through online media.

Less cost and more usage

At first, it may seem like creating “special effects” are not affordable and requires too many resources and that is why marketers are reluctant to opt for them. But, with time many ecommerce companies have realized that they can run marketing campaigns online without photo shoots.

Besides being costly, traditional methods of generating videos and photos are time consuming as well. Within the cost of one professional photo shoot, you can create multiple models and reuse the same models in different scenes with customize background details, lighting and colours. As CGI can be a cost-efficient alternative to traditional means of photography, it can be used more widely to create campaigns for social media. CGI makes sure that the brand represents its products in the best way possible and therefore connect with the right audience in the minimal cost.

Increase brand follower-base

3D technologies help you create product images that exhilarate your visitors and as a result they prefer to keep coming whenever they are into social media. A potential customer would recognize and appreciate the effort being put to represent a product in a professional way and hence is more likely to connect with your brand. This gradually encourages people from their network visit your sites and as a result your organic follower-bases increases significantly.

Creating Content for multiple platforms

CGI helps in delivering content across multiple devices with ease, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a computer. Instead of generating different visualisations for every channel, CGI can save you significant money. CGI can help in delivering your brand story in the exact way you want.

IKEA, the home furnishing giant, creates 75% of their total products using CGI and keep on updating the content across various social channels.

Generating sales leads

Social media may prove as a major tool to generate leads by using various advertising campaigns to raise the awareness about the product and help in building loyal audience. As people are frequently active on social media these days, they will find more valuable and entertaining content in their news feed.

If you keep on posting updates regularly, there are more chances that people will notice and explore further to know about it. So, the question arises how to get fresh images for regular posting? CGI is the answer to it, which lets you to get tons of high-quality images within a short span of time. Using the same, the advertising campaigns may goes to the next level and help in generating sales leads from social media marketing.

In the modern times, CGI is a widely preferred solution that completes your social media marketing strategy. Top companies are implementing it as an everyday tool, as CGI can provide the cost saving options to their firms, along with the benefits in company branding and customer engagement. Such 3D technologies enable you to attract new customers and that too without spending much and makes your marketing campaign effective, finally helps in selling your merchandise and produce tangible results.


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